House of law: Result Oriented Company

The main principle behind our work is providing high quality hublot replica watches, academically grounded services in various areas of law. Our company supports juridical services, the effectiveness of which is guaranteed by the superb teamwork of both our university-bound lecturers and practical jurists working ardently to accommodate our clients" needs. "House of law" is not limited to juridical and consulting work – it is also deeply involved in organizing and executing various workshops and conferences in order to develop the Law institutions in Georgia. We possess both the desire and the ambition to be the pioneers in combining theoretical and practical skills in order to develop an outstandingly novel approach to the juridical services.

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The Team of the House of law

Students visiting the House of Law
Memorandum of Cooperation was signed with the University of Georgia

Tamaz Elizbarashvili, a renowned Georgian businessman and community worker, philanthropist, cofounder of the "Elizi" group, animal rights activist. Has established the main principles behind the operation of the "House of Law" and finances the company.                                     

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